Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters

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Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters

Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters is the first stand alone expansion to the Tiny Frontiers ruleset!

You'll be playing giant stompy robots defending civilization, awakened monsters wrecking havoc to teach mankind a lesson, bizarre deep space hybrids and so, so much more.

Character creation is simple, fast, and exciting. You pick your character type based on the exciting stories your Game Master is going to tell, you pick a few Systems or Evolutions that each grant a single benefit, and you're done!

Sometimes you don't have time to plot lengthy, detailed worlds, but you want that experience. Well, we've got your back, and that support comes in the form of micro-settings! Micro-settings are short settings filled with adventure hooks, and designed to kickstart your giant stompy adventures with minimal effort!

Ever wanted to defend mankind from the cockpit of a mecha? Now you can, and for a price lower than a single round of 50 mm railgun ammunition.



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