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Call of Cthulhu
“As the men passed the site of Wilbur Whateley’s abode they shuddered visibly, and seemed again to mix hesitancy with their zeal. It was no joke tracking down something as big as a house that one could not see, but that had all the vicious malevolence of a daemon. Opposite the base of Sentinel Hill the tracks left the road, and there was a fresh bending and matting visible along the broad swath marking the monster’s former route to and from the summit.”
-From The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft

Call of Cthulhu is a roleplaying game of mystery and horror, in which players take on the role of investigators to uncover the secrets of the cosmos. In the course of a game, the investigations may find themselves battling against crazy cults and horrors from beyond space.

Call of Cthulhu, created by gaming legend Sandy Petersen is the definitive horror roleplaying game and has won over 40 awards including being inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art and Design Hall of Fame.


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Zaterdagochtend wordt The Haunting gespeeld:
The investigators are asked or hired to examine an old house in Boston, where the tenants recently suffered a family tragedy. The house is rumoured to be haunted, and the landlord wishes to set everyone’s minds at ease about the case.


Zaterdagmiddag wordt Edge of Darkness gespeeld:
A group of investigators are called to a deathbed confession by their dear friend. They are told about a horrible deed that they must reverse, or else face unimaginable consequences.

Zondagmiddag wordt Dead Man Stomp gespeeld:
You are all set for a nice evening of swinging jazz, however events soon take a dark turn.