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In Cats of Catthulhu, players take on the roles of a variety of ordinary-seeming cats fighting conspiracies of cosmic chaos. Mighty spirits such as Snarlyathotep, slimy Phatphroggua, and Hastpurr of the Yellow Eye inspire their cultists to destroy civilization-but that’s where all the comfy furniture is!

One person acts as the Cat Herder, arranging the secret plots, challenges, and rewards and guiding the others through the process of making an adventure. Rules are light and quick, emphasizing player cleverness and the fun of being feline. There’s plenty of darkness and chaos in the world, but our fuzzy heroes can handle it!… Usually.

The adventure:

THE BUZZ DOWNSTAIRS – An Introductory Catventure.

This adventure is in rural England between the wars. Something disturbs the Nice People of the manor, as the cats were just enjoying a sunny day. Find out what is happening, so you can go back to napping. And maybe you get a treat for it.