Honey Heist is a simpel and silly RPG.

These are the basics:

1) You have a complex plan that requires precise timing and finesse. What is the reward, you ask? All the honey you can dream of!
2) Every teammember has a special set of skills that they have perfected over the years so you can become the nightmare of honey owners all over the world.
3) You are a GODDANGIT BEAR!

That’s largely it. It’s easy to run and easy to play. You don’t need more than a couple of d6’s, pencil, eraser and your imagination. No need for preparation on your side as a player. If possible, we’ll play in Dutch. We’ll provide the custom character sheets and we’ll roll your character on the spot.
There’ll be a max of 6 players. It’s Theater of the mind.

Expect terrible bear puns, horribly bad minigames, and all the fun. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves, we’ll see how long we can stretch it .



Honey Heist.

It took seven years, but it might as well be an eternity. As the gates of Haaglanden Penitentairy close behind you, you finally smell freedom. After all these years, you’re finally standing on the right site of these fences. But the world around you doesn’t seem care as you ponder this special moment.

But you breath in this moment in all it’s glory. The freedom to move among you fellow bears and other species with any bars or restricions! You look around you and see the faces of your mates: the Face, the Mussle, the Driver, and well… the other guys.

Once upon a time you were the best robber of the Beerzini family. Untill that one job where everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong. As a result, the whole ‘firm’ got arrested and were sent away. Now the Beersato family is no big player anymore around these streets, with all members either sent to prison. Or they dissaBeared in the Witness Proctection Program. For some of them talked to the police, those cowards…  But not you! You did your time, you still got your self respect.

Ahead you can see the headlights of your ride, a Citroën Bearlingo. This is obviously an order from the boss, Don Marco Bearsato. Getting on could mean two things: you got a new job or this is gonna be a retaliation for the last job going wrong. One thing is certain, you aren’t going home tonight…