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Greetings explorer, welcome to our domain! The On the Shoulders of Heroes campaign setting is designed for use with world’s most popular roleplaying game. It is inspired by old school roleplaying games, traditional fantasy, Germanic and Japanese mythology. It is based on the idea that the world was built by the deeds of great people – both good and evil.

Seas of pines, surrounded by beige moors, resting in the valleys between mountains: the continent is a beautiful and desolate place. Many sentient races call the continent home. They have their own values when it comes to personal behavior, laws, inter-species contact and prefer vastly different ways of life. Adventurers are the heroes of this world, shaping its future with their actions – for better or for worse.”

On the Shoulder of Heroes can be played with the ruleset of both Dungeon & Dragons 3.5e as wel as 5th edition. For Conalot we choose D&D 5th edition





The Death of Kyrië

A curse has befallen our land. Our crops have withered, our milk has soured, our cattle has starved. We believe it to be caused by the gnome Kyrië, who they call the King of Devil Ridge.

The village huskarle has recruited a band of adventurers to track down the gnome burrow near the Devil Ridge and to dispel the curse using whatever means necessary. After an arduous journey through the uncharted forest you arrived at the burrow two weeks ago. Unable to get through to the gnome king you were forced to resort to violence, which ended with you being swarmed by dozens of armed guards.

You have been awaiting trial in a muddy cavern that does duty as a holding cell. Two of your comrades have died in this hell, from cold and starvation. Then, suddenly, the earth itself answers your prayers. A mighty quake collapses part of the ceiling, allowing you an opportunity to escape your captors and a second chance to complete your mission.

The Death of Kyrië is a one-shot dungeon crawl for 4-6 characters of 5th level loosely based on a Dutch legend. Pre-generated characters will be available. It is written and will be GMed by Joran Heimering, co-founder of Windmill Slam Games and writer of the On the Shoulders of Heroes campaign setting.