SKYFARER: A Sunless Skies RPG

While the video game SUNLESS SKIES puts the player in the role of a Captain aboard a locomotive engine, cruising the skies looking for adventure and profit, SKYFARER gives players the opportunity to play the crew. Gunners, quartermasters, engineers, signallers – even mascots – are brought to the fore as the Captain is struck down by misfortune and the crew must band together to get out of, and probably into, trouble.

Using a simple dice-based system, SKYFARER allows players and gamemasters to easily tell stories set in the FALLEN LONDON universe with plenty of climactic moments, tense stand-offs, and grim decisions. As characters risk life and limb, they’ll accrue Peril – the more Peril they have, the greater the chance of them meeting a grisly and permanent end.

Luckily, things are made easier by spending Tenacity – a resource earned by acting in accordance with your character’s drives and beliefs. But how will those integrities change, now you’re out on the frontier of Victoria’s Empire?



Adventure discription:

You are the crew of one of many sky locomotives. Your captain, a gentleman named Fairfield, has taken aboard a set of Fun Fair Mirrors from Fallen London Down Below. You are to deliver them to Polmear & Plenty’s Inconceivable Circus which has set up shop in the High Wilderness and needs something new to pull in the crowds. But even short trips through the dark at the edges of civilisation hold many mysteries and unexpected events.Your captain is speaking in tongues and nobody understands him any more. How will you arrive safely and with your cargo intact?