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Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy roleplaying game where you’ll play characters struggling to survive in a dark urban environment drowning in supernatural politics. The game focuses heavily on the gritty drama and tense violence that we see so often in works like The Dresden Files, Angel and Supernatural.


The rules for Urban Shadows are based on Apocalypse World, an award winning RPG by Vincent Baker that also fuels games like Dungeon World, Monsterhearts, and Sagas of the Icelanders. The mechanics push the story forward toward exciting and unexpected ends; your actions are resolved with minimal rules and maximum drama.”




Long ago, the people of central Mexico faced a terrifying enemy, a spirit that birthed monsters. When they destroyed the spirit, it cursed them to be more than mortal: part human and part wolf. Their children inherited the curse, and the responsibility to protect the mortal world from the spirits that would threaten it.

When the Spanish arrived in 1519, they brought with them Los Malditos, demonic entities of pain and suffering that found the pieces of the spirit the wolves had killed. They called the spirit La Madre, and they started putting her pieces back together… and hunting the children of the wolves who had almost destroyed her.

Nearly 500 years later, you are Los Cazados (The Hunted). Your family has fought La Madre and Los Malditos for centuries, always on the brink of extinction. Yet you konw that you are the last and only line of defense against those who would see the mortal world overwhelmed by La Madre’s monstrous desires…