From the website:

Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy roleplaying game where you’ll play characters struggling to survive in a dark urban environment drowning in supernatural politics. The game focuses heavily on the gritty drama and tense violence that we see so often in works like The Dresden Files, Angel and Supernatural.

The rules for Urban Shadows are based on Apocalypse World, an award winning RPG by Vincent Baker that also fuels games like Dungeon World, Monsterhearts, and Sagas of the Icelanders. The mechanics push the story forward toward exciting and unexpected ends; your actions are resolved with minimal rules and maximum drama.”






Manchester, 1997. The centre of this long-declined declined industrial
city is a maze of building sites and new developments; last year’s IRA
bombing has left vast parts of the city straining to rebuild. The city
is on the cusp of a new tomorrow, coming out of the ashes vibrant and

Astonishingly, while the bomb attack caused £700 million of damage last
year, there were no fatalities. None that were mortal, at least. The
media credited the fast response of the emergency services, but in
truth, the City Ghosts, the remains of the working people that built Manchester,
cannot let it change and protect it from other’s influence. The spectres’
interference has, however, shaken the balance of
power. Most notably, the city’s Fae, many of whom have sympathies with
the mortal bombers, are now looking for weaknesses among the City Ghosts
to drive forward their own agenda.

Are you a member of a fae court, a scholar of the supernatural, a
wizard channeling ancient magic or a vampire with an insatiable hunger?
And where whill your loyalties be when the Green Man comes to town?