Vampire: The Masquerade

Fantasy is a great thing. People are endlessly creative with creating monsters: Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts… It’s amazing what strange, fictional things some people think of. And that’s exactly what the real Vampire society all across the world is trying its best to appear as: Fictional.

Welcome to the World of Darkness, where you’ll find all those creatures are real – and mostly interwoven with our own world for centuries. That one weird neighbor you never see leaving his house during daytime? You assumed his nighttime outgoings had to do with some illegal drug-related business, but it turns out he comes out to feed at night. Joan of Arc might have been a vampire, as might Mozart have been. The blood makes a Vampire gain supernatural abilities, but one must be careful not to get too hungry and give into the Beast.

Being a Vampire isn’t all sparkly fun – it’s a constant struggle for survival. When the ever-present hungering Beast isn’t near, the “politics” (read: Backstabbing) of Kindred society is just as dangerous to navigate. Being a Vampire might mean you’re strong, but there’s almost always someone stronger than you.

Het Avontuur.

You’ve only recently been embraced, welcomed into the eternal damnation that is being a Vampire. You and a few others have been put together into a Coterie, a small Vampire group with its own small domain. When the Sheriff of the entire country stops by your haven in Leiden for a request, it’s hard to refuse.

I will provide several pregenerated characters for this adventure. Vampire works on a d10 system, so only d10s are required to play. It’s recommended, if possible, you bring around five of them. I have a large pool myself, so if you don’t have any dice yourself we can work something out.